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“Xena”, is one of the two daughters of Emmi and Laraga. She is the more cheerful and reckless of the two.

She was born from Laraga herself while her sister Semia was born from Emmi, although they were born at the same time, so they are technically twins.

She trains with her aunt to become a swordsman, and a pyromancer like her mother Laraga, but learning both techniques at the same time gives her too much frustration, so she ends up just not going to the classes, and just walks spends her time listening music or annoying her sister.


She is cheerful monster, with a particular ability to get into trouble in seek for adventures. Her "insurgent" personality is annoying sometimes, since she can be stubborn and kinda grumpy in bad days, teasing her sister until maker her "nutz", but she has a big heart, even if it doesn't seem like it, giving the impression that she could backstab you in any second, in part, she inherited Lara's lack of confidence.

Her family is everything to her, if someone tries to annoy her sister Semia, she will not hesitate to hit them right in the face, she is really overprotective about Semia.


Similar to Lara, with the same Body Type as her, and Vermillion Scaley skin, but with a bit of fur, although she does have Emmi’s hair style, and her Temmie Facial powers. Her eyes are like Lara’s being mostly Black with Red pupils. She also has Lara’s Wings and horns. Her hair is white. Her clothing style is more a cross from Emmi and Lara’s with and jeans, a shirt with a Japanese symbol meaning, “Elder”, that goes together with Mia’s symbol. She also wears a black jacket with a hoodie.


Xenaga inherited Lara's ability to feel certain vibrations through her ears, also her good hearing, she has a thick skin as well, and a good amount of strength.