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Vidian is a very monochrome colored being. Her body is white, as well as her teeth and her sclera. The other color is black, which is the color of her hair that has two locks of hair that flow down to her feet, while the rest of her hair stops at her chin.

Her tongue is black and finally, her prosthetic legs are black with white curcuitry. The prosthetics are from her knees and down, and were given to her by Cordinat a few days after Vidian being found.


Vidian is an adult but acts like a child. Wether this is on purpose or a mental thing isn't confirmed.

She isn't unapproachable by any means. She can listen to a person talk, provided she actually understands what she's saying. Most of her conversations are prophecies of the possibilities of how battles and operations carried out will end, showing signs of psychic abilities. Any other conversations are brief ones that she doesn't either understand or want to dwell more into.


Vidian was born during the war, and unfortunately abandoned by her parents as they were murdered by humans. She had learned to raise herself for many of her years before being found by Cordinat Allons. Who had noticed through Vidian's life, her legs had a disease that would make them completely unusable within time. So she had suregically removed and replaced them with prostectic cyborgnetic limbs. Modifing her body as well to enhance her strength, stamina, and immune system. She also raised Vidian along with her own duaghter to make Vidian at least sensible and able to live on her own. Vidian had left Cordinat before she had screwed up her own brain to what it is today.  

During the war, Vidian fed herself with wild animals, being unable to eat the meals supplied by the Monsters and Demons. She considered feeding on a human corpse, or even one of her own kind, but she kept away from the taboo practices. She didn't want to get involved with the consequences of devouring flesh from once living soldiers. 

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