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Sythia, has a skinny-ish hourglass figure body, with lilac skin, and very long lime-greenish hair, that reaches to her feet. Her eyes are a light blue and glow a bit in the dark.

She wears a V-neck T-shirt that is cut just above the stomach, and a blackish leather jacket, skinny jeans that are also ripped holes at the knees, and heels. She also has a long dragon-like tail that gets more transparent as it goes down with a ghostly flame at the end, that freezes anything that touches it instead of burning it.


Sythia has Succubus and Spirit traits. Her body is overall very attractive, she has small dragon-like wings that she can fly with, as her spirit form only lets her levitate. She has a slight “glow” that omits off her from her Spirit part of her.

Sythia, can switch between being normal and walking around, interacting with things like any other monster, and her Spirit form, she can pass through things, and take possession machines and people. She glows a bright white aura around herself in Spirit form, being also transparent. In this form, she can also shapeshift slightly, and go completely invisible.


Sythia is quite like The Perverted Mind, pranking people by scaring them, possessing them, or spying on them by possessing objects within other's houses. She's over the top perverted and takes it into her obnoxious flirting and pranks. She will attempt to appear in people's houses and try on their clothes (Notably the undergarments) and create certain dreams while they sleep. Sometimes going as far as to laying next to them when they wake up.

She's not opposed to pushing limits to convincing others to due what she wants.


Nobody knows exactly where, when, or how she was conceived. She doesn't tell anyone either, she usually lies that she was born from the death of a human. All her life she has been pranking and flirting with literally everyone. She has no work although seems to live just fine off of nothing.

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