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Suwaki is a Dark witch, with the tail, ears, and eyes of a cat.

She is a very busy women, hiding in a little cottage in Waterfall, she spends most of her time harassing passerby's, reading books, and practicing her magic.

She has a staff that she uses for her more complicated spells, but mostly uses her hands, she can levitate and move objects of certain weights, and make fire balls appear, her staff can change into a sword through powerful magic.

She can fully change into a black cat to hide her identity when out and about.


Suwaki looks like a women in her late 20s, with long snow white hair, and pale white skin, she wears a dress and robes of pure black fabric and dark purple jewels. She has a pearl necklace and short heels made of quartz. Her eyes are a deep purple.

Personality / Backstory

Suwaki is a no-jokes kind of person, who hardly ever smiles.

When she was little, her parents were killed by a fatal illness, and left to fend for herself, she prated her powers for years, trying to find a way to resurrect her parents at some point. When all attempts failed, she started to work on other sorts of spells, she started using spells on herself to strengthen her powers, in the end, she had cursed herself, with almost locking most of her emotions away, and losing all the abilities to feel anything, which makes her cold and almost heartless.