This OC is specifically for the AU, "FUTURETALE"!

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“Semia”, is one of the two daughters of Emmi and Laraga. She is the more mature one of the two.

She was born from Emmi herself while her sister Xenaga was born from Laraga, although they were born at the same time, so they are technically twins.

She thrives to be a part of the royal guard, like Emmi, and be the best she can be, and with that, she trains hard, and hardly stops for any kind of goofing around. Although she will occasionally be happy and cheerful and play around like the teen she is at only 15.


Similar to Emmi, with the same Body Type as her, and white fur, but with some slight scales on her hands and waist, although she does have Lara’s facial structure, and white wings She has black hair in the same style as Laraga's. Her clothes are more lady-like, with a sort of lady’s armour set, and a black leather jacket. The left sleeve of her jacket has a Japanese Symbol meaning, “Sister”, that goes along with her sister Xenaga’s symbol.

Semi's weapon is actually a copy of Emmi's sword. A large gold sword, that looks close to a mix between Ike's (Fire Emblem Series) Aether Sword, and Cloud Strife's (Final Fantasy VII) Buster Sword.

Semia stands at 5'2 feet tall.


Compared to her “Other Half Sister”, “Mia” (her nickname) is, more righteous of the two, and usually, becomes constantly irritated with her sister’s more risk heavy and rule-breaking attitude. Although despite the constant “irritation” her sister brings her, she loves her dearly.

She walks, acts, talks, and fights usually like a lady figure, with no mishaps or mistakes.

However, when in a good mood, she is kind, laughing, and while still being a lady figure, she acts almost different from her normal act.


Semi inherited Emmi’s strength, and Lara’s Think Skin, but otherwise she is just the same as Emmi.


HP: 76 

AT: 50 

DF: 40 

EXP on Kill: 1000 

Gold on Win: 80


Emmi [Mother]

Deathwing [Mother]

Xenaga [Sister]

Extra, and Trivia

Semia actually has a "disorder". When not gotten enough sleep, or is up too late, Semia's Sub-Conscious starts to take control, and while she's still "awake" she starts having a sort of "Night Terror" which causes different effects.

These effects are random and can be combined with many of each other.

  1. Uncontrollable Shaking.
  2. Uncontrollable Crying.
  3. Inability to Speak or Walk.
  4. Hallucinations, both Visible and Hearable.
  5. Nausea.
  6. Headaches.
  7. Imagined Deafness.
  8. Imagined High Fever.

Even though Semia knows she is having one of these "Night Terrors", she cannot do anything about it except sleep, which she can't even do without help. She has had this "Disorder" since she was 7.