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Paris Parx, is a Sargent, and Second of Command under Helga Hallkrieg, the leader of the soldiers. He is a close and long time friend of hers, and a very close ally when on Duty.

He commonly seems well mannered, and extremely serious, always ready for a fight, but never first to do so.


Paris, looks a lot like a male version of Helga, with huge horns, a long tail, and large dragon-lied wings, and a buzzcut hairstyle, although sometimes he lets it grow more in the back to his neck. He has a very bulky, and well built body, and is usually seen wearing a marine suit, with a white glove over his right hand. Out of uniform, he wears a more suit looking outfit.

He has slight tattoos on her upper arm, which is usually hidden by the clothes he wears. It's in old Agrim writing.

His face barely shows any emotion normally, but a few scares can be seen over his left eye, and right cheek.

His voice is usually very commanding, and lacks emotion when on duty, but sounds much younger then he is, at age 37, he sounds like he's in his early 20s, but gruff.


Paris, when on duty, is almost always silent, only speaking when he feels he must, and usually only to Helga, or the soldiers.

Even when not on duty, he doesn't talk much, and usually only to Helga or Sara when he does.

He is a bit shy when it comes to talking not other people he isn't friends with, but he has no problems barking orders to people, and while people do know who he is, he doesn't act much different between on and off duty. Other than he doesn't go bark orders at random people, and he does have some emotion in his voice when off.