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This is a WIP.

Piedog is a toon.


Piedog is a small, brown, anthropomorphic dog. He is seen wearing a blue top and shorts, he has red laces, a white round hat with a dark blue band.


Piedog is kind, he was raised like that. However he CAN fight. He can deal out damage quickly BUT he as weak. He can be considered a glass cannon.


Piedog was born in Toontown, Toontown Central to be specific. At his childhood he learnt to fight minorly. At teenage hood he woke up to war. Robots invading Toontown. the fight raged out for 10 years but Toons won (Mostly cause of outnumbering the Robots). Piedog emigrated naturally in case that would happened again. While he was moving he was moved by a unknown force.

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