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Nicole, "Nicki", is a WereCat and Clouded Leopard ECloné. She is a very excitable girl that wants to do everything her big sister Jazmine does. She tries to be brave to show she's old enough to do even the scariest things. Just like Jazmine, Moruske and Khazura are a bit over protective over Nicki, and even have trouble letting her be alone with Jazmine as long as she's being held by her at almost all times.

Nicki is small, even for a six year old, and will always be the smallest in the family.

She was born when Jazmine was nine, half as a accident, as Moruske and Khazura wanted another child anyways.


Nicki is a small little Werecat, with very fluffy white fur with a bit of grey spots on her face and tail. She tries to Make herself look bigger by wearing Moruske's old jackets and clothes that are just a tiny bit bigger than her.

She has big Yellow eyes and cute little ears on her head.


Nicki is a hyper active little girl, like most little kids. She wants to do everything his sister and mothers do, even if she would get hurt from it. She like Moruske is a bit more tolerable to pain, but gets emotionally hurt a bit more easily like her.