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Morumila, is a Mouse ECloné, so she is one of the weakest kinds of EClonés. She is a bit shy, but overall, she's really sweet, although she can be a little strict, especially when it comes to decoration. Her voice is very high and squeaky, but adorable. Both her, and her older sister Moruske were born from different ECloné mothers. She used to live with her in her home in Snowdin, until Pit Pit Peter hired Corrilina to kill her for a bounty. Luckily she escaped, but now lives in secret throughout the underground.


Morumila, being a Mouse and Snow Leopard ECloné, she is rather small compared to her older sister, Moruske, and rather weak. She mostly likes to decorate and create dresses and the like, so her normal wear is about the equivalent to a cross between (Lissa, From Fire Emblem : Awakening), and (Princess Zelda, from The Legend of Zelda. )

Her hair is white along with the rest of her fur, and is shoulder length, she has the face of a cat, but still has the tail and ears of a Mouse.


Morumila, is a rather shy girl, with a love for fashion and decoration. She can be a little rude and strict when she is not given the best review or a sarcastic review for her decoration.


Moruske : Older Step-Sister

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