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Mirage or "Death Mirage" is a really fancy Agrim lady, refined but with a cocky attitude, she is Deathwing's older

sister, her real name is Maraga Hallkrieg.

She was always a very "careful" about her own name, but not like her sister, she used that name to spread fear around the monsters and other enemy factions of demons. She is well know as a fencer, with a very dedicated career, she trained with her mother Helga for years to be the best swordsman in the family, she always trains a few hours per day.

She only has some acquaintances, but her best friend is a Werewolf called Sven, both know each other since they were kids, so they are like best buddies, even if Helga banned Sven from their house due to certain big problem they had.

Also, Mirage once had a romantic relationship with Corrilina, but due to a really big discussion with her mother, she decided to broke up with her, thinking that she was making Corrilina's life miserable. After a few years, 6 to be exactly, in the True Pacifist Route, Mirage comes back to see her, getting back together even if Mirage still has some anger issues.


Mirage wears a red dress, fringed with black velvets, using a black corset also with some details in red, this is just one of her normal outfits, she changes them a lot.

Her hair is long and white, her horns are different than her sister, resambling some kind of ram horns, she has also a different pattern of marks around her body, and her tail is longer than Deathwing's tail, with a heart-shaped tip. She always carries a Rapier with her.

Stats, Armor and ACTs

Base Stats:

AT: 70

DF: 10

HP: 1500


- Flirt, Fake Hit, Joke, Imitate.

Quotes [Pacifist]


- "Welcome little one, you've come to see me dance?"


- "You're too young to be alone here..." [Flirt #1]

- "Cute words cannot sweeten this big Agrim" [Flirt #2]

- "That's not the appropriate pose... you are weak" [Fake Hit]

- "..." [Joke #1]

- "That isn't funny... but nice try kiddo" [Joke#2]

- "You need to keep an straight pose, or your enemy will take advantage" [Imitate #1]

- "Keep your stance, shoulders up" [Imitate#2]

- "Haha good kid, maybe you aren't such a waste of time, go, and get stronger, in the real way..." [Imitate #3] [Able to spare]

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