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“Mary”, is one of the two daughters of Corrilina and Maraga. She is the more paranoid one of the two.

She was born from Corrilina herself while her sister Kelly was born from Maraga, although they were born at the same time, so they are technically twins.


Looking more like Maraga, and rather skinny, a long black skirt, a white workout bra with a black leather jacket, she wears lady-like heels, and a necklace. She has a few spots on her face that can be mistaken for freckles. Her eyes are a Light Red, and her fur is a Dark Purple. She has two cat ears on her head, along with a slim long tail. She has retractable claws and sharp teeth, her hair is a long white, that reaches to her lower back.


Compared to her “Other Half Sister”, “Mary" (her nickname) is literally a scaredy cat, she cares about food, her loved ones, and how safe everything is, although when her sister or family is in any danger, she will become a courageous wild feline


She insists that there is a voice in her head that keeps her out of danger.

She gained Corrilina’s speed, and flashing eye colors and effects. She can play the piano quite well.


Corrilina [Mother]

Mirage [Mother]

Kelly [Sister]