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Leowulf's appearance can be described as a combination of a gray wolf and a lion. She has fur of various shades of gray, and a brilliant white mane. Her tail resembles a wolf far more than it does a lion. Because she's an ECloné Lion/Wolf, she has a mane.

Leowulf is a brave individual, not being afraid of anything. She is so brave that she will do anything she is challenged to do, no matter how stupid. She does not do this to prove her bravery, but rather just because she can. Somehow, despite all of the stupid dares she's gone through, Leowulf is still alive and unharmed.

Leowulf has two unhealthy obsessions. She has a massive collection of swords, which she is ever expanding. She has amassed 48 different swords in her den, each of which she maintains diligently. She has a name and a long, detailed story for each of her swords.

Her second unhealthy obsession is size. Leowulf is constantly trying to increase the size of everything in her life, including herself. She works daily on increasing her muscle mass.

Her obsession with size also shows in her sword collection. Almost all of her swords are much larger than average, and five of them are larger than herself. Since she is naturally a large monster, even before her training is factored in, the size of these swords is truly quite impressive.


Leowulf has quite a few abilities, those ranging from roaring shockwaves to non-aging.

Leowulf can also change her structure into a Werewolf/Lioness sort of figure, standing on her hind legs. However, this is a weaker form.

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