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“Kelly”, is one of the two daughters of Corrilina and Maraga. She is the more reckless and courageous one of the two.

She was born from Maraga herself while her sister Mary was born from Corrilina, although they were born at the same time, so they are technically twins.


She looks more like her mother Corri, but having a more snake-like appearance, the Agrim genes had more influence in Kelly than her sister seemingly, having two tiny horns in each side of her head and a long tail.

She wears a navy blue hoodie with both sleeves ripped off, and some camouflaged pants with some boots that her grandmother buyed for her.


Kelly is a reckless little one, who wants to become a wrestler/soldier, just like her idol Undyne, having a really self-confident acttitude sometimes. Even if she acts rude most of the time, she's a really kind hearted, and he will protect her family with all her strength and SOUL, specially her sister Mary.


Dark Fire:

Kaira can use some kind of Pyrokinesis that prevail in her family, however she needs practice to control it, since due to her genetic heritage, not all of the Agrims can control "Dark Fire" in just a few minutes, they need years of training, also the Dark Fire can get out of control easily, hurting her if it's controlled properly.


She can fly at high speeds, but her wings are kind of fragile, so she needs to take care of them periodically.

Thermal Vision:

Kelly can use the thermal visions that most of the snakes has, but when her vision goes back to normal, she becomes blind for certain period of time, since her eyes needs to "reconfigure themselves" once again.


  • Corrilina [Mother]
  • Mirage [Mother]
  • Mary [Sister]
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