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Isosceles Soremeca II was a prince to Isosceles Soremeca I in Ancient Egypt. He was to be the ruler of Egypt when his father was assassinated, however, was put into a deep slumber via poison that had faked his death. Leaving him to be buried for many years, the poison had kept him alive the entire time as his coffin was eventually found and opened many many years later within the underground. Coincidentally the poison finally wore off as he broke out of his Coffin, however with the side effect of amnesia. He no longer knows of his origins or family, to what he was supposed to be or his decent. However when angered. A shadow of his memories, being of his original title return. Which is where he finally gained his new identity after also.


Issac, is a technically thousand year old young adult dog of Ancient Egyptian decent. He is a Doberman Pinscher - Great Dane Mix. A tall, Black and Brown, pointy eared, short tailed, strong slim muscled fellow. With a patient but stern personality. A passionate writer and skilled in powerful magic that he's forgotten the origins of.

As he only knows of life only after he had been reawakened, only a scar of his past self remains, leaving him no different than anyone else.


Issac, wears simple clothing. A shirt with bones and a dog skull on it. Black pants with a red sweater around his waist, yet a black jacket on too. He wears blue sneakers. He has black and brown fur and pointy ears. And lack of a tail.


Issac, is docile, while very kind and respectful, he's often stern and strict, even to his friends. He often feels entitled to somethings he's promised to, to the point of holding grudges if he feels wronged in some way.

While not exactly evil. When angry, his true power and self appears, which is cruel, and usually unfair.

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