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Holkier is hot tempered lizard monster that works as a mechanic in Hotlands, fixing all the old junk that falls underground, like old cars, motorcycles, etc.


Holkier Cavian was born undeground, a couple of years after the great war, having to deal with the post-war crisis at young age, same likes his brother, but even with all the economic problems they had, Holkier found a way to subsist by fixing some old junk the humans used to drop down the holes of the surface, eventually becoming a very talented mechanic and blacksmith.

Now at his 40 years, he is too tired to deal with his brother's style of life, acting more like a father to him.


Holkier is a very grumpy individual, he seems to be always in a bad mood, but that's only his generic face, and the way he speaks is kind of rude as well, he only cares about his work and brother, and maybe some acquaintances.


Holkier's body is covered by wine colored scales, having a long tail with more prominent scales in the tip, he is at least 8 ft. tall with a large body mass, he's estimated weight is around 200 kg. (440,925 pounds), he also posseses 6 horns, 3 on each side of his head, 2 long horns and 4 tiny horns.

He wears a big black coverall and work boots, most of the time they are covered in grease due to his work. He has several patches around his coverall as well, chains, and a dirty bandana in his pocket.


  • His basic idea/appearance was inspired on Roadhog from Overwatch, and Tahm Kench from League of Legends.
  • He and his brother are very similar, but Holkier is way bigger than him, and more mature.
  • Holkier has made a weapon that is basically a chain and an axe put together.
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