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Glordiva Beauty, is a fashion designer and bounty hunter. A Chameleon/Tuataras hybrid that can both change her colors and has a third eye. The third eye makes predictions for the future, being mostly her fashion lines. She's cleaver and cunning as she takes on bounties and makes beautiful dresses.


Glordiva is a tall women with curvy and slender features. Beautiful dresses and long silver hair. Her skin is scaly with a long tail that has small spikes down the middle, her skin can change color to camouflage with her surroundings. Her third eye isn't always seen unless she is using it to credit the future of her designs, or tying to use her psychic powers. Her common dress is a beautiful green dress covered in jewels and many fabrics, it resembles Disney Princess dress design. She does have other outfits, all of which she makes from scratch.


Glordiva, is a complicated woman. She fusses over her works and constantly almost failing her bounties because she is afraid of getting dirty. She's usually pretty nice although very manipulative.

More or less however, she's as experienced as you'd think. Which is likely not. She gets the job done, but it's a mess.


Glordiva, was aways into designing and fashion, she attempted to set up a shop in Snowdin but lost to other competition. She loved reading drama and action novels and became inspired. What if she took a side job in bounty hunting and add some 'spice' to her designer career? Well, thats what she did. She designed her tools and weapons, her clothes and everything. As a safety precaution she learned a variety of magical spells and how to use her psychic powers for more than future prediction, even if thats her biggest strong point.

She hides her face when on bounties so she isn't found out when doing her fashion work.



  • Throwing Needles. (Limited supply.)
  • A simple Pistol Gun. (Can't aim very well.)
  • Duel-Wielding Katanas.
  • Psychic Powers. (Uses her energy and makes her weaker. Only when her third eye is open. )


  • Camouflage. (Her eyes are visible when open.)
  • Future Predictions. (Are usually just that, and aren't usually the real outcomes.)
  • Wall Jumping/Climbing.
  • Quick speed.
  • Knows a few magical spells and psychic powers. (Not very powerful ones.)


Her personality is a bit based on Usagi from Sailor Moon, and her powers were inspired from both Hypno's ideas, and Garnet from Steven Universe.

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