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Dextra is girl essentially made of ink. Her skin can be used to dip feathers on to get Ink to use. She is just a stubborn being with a quirky and borderline rudely sarcastic attitude, which you'd think she got it from her parents, although her Mother is no where like that. Like her Mother, she is a Spawn.


Dextra was literally born the same way her mother Moku-Zula was, through injection of artificial requirements needed to have a child, but by Moku-Zula herself. She was raised on the idea that love was irrelevant and LOVE was the only way to survive in the world, her Mother is seemingly the only one to believe Flowey's advice. While Dextra believes this also, she doesn't exactly all that much; making her still rather soft compared to others, but once encouraged to fight she can pack a punch due to her intense training with her Mother.

Her Mother doesn't fully believe Flowey exactly either, but she won't admit it, and kept the facade up to keep her and Dexter safe for many years.


Dextra looks like a young girl despite being in her early 20s, she has paper white skin with a pinkish/reddish tint. Ruby lips and colorless eyes. Slick black hair reaching to her shoulders and a slender body. Her outfit is like a biker and an 1900s dress.

Her Jacket is made of leather and black with red curing swirls all over it in patterns, her dress reaches down to her ankles and has the same pattern. On her left arm, she has a mechanical claw that connects to her elbow, and replaces her hand, the fingers are simply 5 needles, but fully articulated. She usually just keeps her skin over it like ink on a drawing.

Her Dress when angry looks like it starts to drip Ink.


Dextra is mostly just stubborn. She's intimidating, but mostly all talk. She loves her Mother deeply and will do anything to protect both her and her honor, as she is very honor obsessed. She has slight anger issues and usually love sick. She is a tiny bit desperate for someone to love her, even if she doesn't think she can ever sustain a relationship.


In case it wasn't obvious enough, Dextra is HEAVILY inspired off of Bendy and Epic Mickey. HUGELY.