Derek is a 27 year old "human" male.


This is THE WAR KID's RP character. Currently WIP

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He wears a red hoodie, dark jeans, brown hiking boots, and a blue trucker hat with 'Overcharge' on the front in orange, the O having a sniper-like cross in it, and the font of the text is 'Overdrive Sunset.' He is the age of 27 with medium natural black colored hair that reaches down most of the back of his neck, thin eyebrows, and a caucasian skin type. He also has a red right eye and a blue left eye.


Derek is a sorta laid back guy at times, he's always talking a lot, sometimes to much talking, and having a liking to good food. He's also a friendly guy, but tends to accidently make people angry. He's also a slob, always leaving a mess, and eating WAY to fast. He's also reckless in general, often disregarding safety. He's also got a southern talk but no accent to him, his voice is actually sounds in a more bass regain, but reasonable enough for his size and age.








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Pacifist/Neutral Edit - voice

"Hey, the names Derek." -Introduction

You're a killer, a freak! a little weirdo, a coward! You're a thing! You don't feel emotion, and to be honest, those kinda things should be sitting on a nice hot flame in hell right now. So come at me, I'm an obstacle, right? So try to hurdle over this one.” - Derek to a geno.

Genocide Edit

So, you want to stop me? You want to end my ‘horrible existence.’ To be honest, can't blame you that you want, but, I made this choice on my own. Sorry, but you're time is gonna end here.” -Derek to an opposer.

"Sorry." -Refusing to talk with you


  • He likes to give random nicknames to people, to remember them easier.
  • Derek has had 2 on-going gimmicks, these are: almost dieing a lot, but never actually yeing or being permanently damaged, and often drinking milkshakes.


Your gonna have a bad time for his criticism, Juku Ren, Aspiring Asriel, LennyFacedCupcake, and Paperjam!Sans for art.


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