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Discription / History ::

Currod-Upted was created by humans as a Clay Statue, when the war broke out, the monsters had torn him down and converted him as a weapon, fitting enchantments and machinery into him. After the monsters were locked in the Underground, Currod-Upted was left on the surface, and the humans had thrown him in where he lost an arm, and part of his head on impact.

He eventually got up, and wandered off into Waterfall, over the years, he has grown small plants around his chest that he has turned into his life support, and vines that rope around his head, and given him a new arm. His voice is a bunch of scrambled voice clips in a musical, rhythmic tone.

One day, he was listening to Pop, The Symphonic Diva-A singing to the Echo Flowers, and decided to try and join her in singing. She was scared of him due to his side and looks at first, but the two became good friends, now, Currod-Upted protects Pop and follows her around Waterfall.

Appearance ::

Currod-Upted, is a golem that looks more like a Knight in Armor, with a sort of broken block head with some Symbols of some kind on the front, that light up when Currod-Upted speaks or usually before he does anything at all.

His head is blackish, with the symbols being Red, his chest that isn't plant is a blackish gray.

His left arm is blackish with vines wrapping around it, he usually holds a sort of Tree Hammer. His right arm is almost completely made of plants and vines, and some sort of magic, as I can morph from an arm and hand, to a long two part Cannon, that fires toxic spores.

His legs are seemingly fine, as blackish long human looking legs, with machinery and gears poking out occasionally.

He stands at about 7’4 ft.

Personality ::

For a golem, Currod-Upted is actually rather caring, although he is very childish and not very smart, as such, he is a tad-bit unpredictable, and somewhat easily taken advantage of.

Those he considers his “friends” he will fight for to the point of being overprotective of them. He listens to his “friends” to whatever they tell him to do. No matter what. Unless it's something against another “friend”.

He has a VERY short temper, though, and is possible of going into an outrage if angered even slightly.

On top of his ignorance and anger, he's also extremely scared, and will be freaked out or spooked by little things.


The Symbols on Currod-Upted's head don't mean anything, they arr part of the enchantments. (In short, you can make some if you want. ;) )

HeadCannon Voice :: This.

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