This wiki is a wiki that takes all kinds of OCs from anywhere, there are a bit more rules than normal RP wikis. They are  NOT to be ignored.

1.) No explicit images.

Porn, gore, etc.

2.) Be respectful.

Remember the golden rule, "Treat others as you would want to be treated."
Arguements such as "They started it" or "He/She was being rude first" hold no merit. You will still be punished for your actions, and they will be punished for theirs.

3.) Impersonation, whether it be a joke or not, is a no.
4.) If a user asks you to end your discussion, you have a choice in whether or not you actually end your conversation, however if a mod tell you to stop, you must immediately.
5.) If an rp is to happen in main, all participants must agree on what to roleplay, otherwise there won't be one happening.

Sex Scenes and Brutal RolePlays are usually not allowed in Main Chat anyway (Brutal RPs always), however, if at least one admin is present, it may be asked that such an RP may happen in main, as it can be monitored and ended at any point.

6.) Do not post any links to outside wikis in Main Chat, please.

It can, and will be seen as advertisement

7.) COPPA is not enforced on this wiki, so we ask that you keep discussion in main "tame"

Mild censoring, no politics, etc.

8.) You are allowed to use an oc in a (main chat) roleplay up to three times without that character having a page. After that, you must either make a page, or get a different character.

This does not apply to pm roleplays.
The character page must be on this wiki, no exceptions.

9.) Do not spam.

This results in an instant kick, and if you do it again, it will be a ban.

The system goes like this;


Some mods may differ, and give two warnings, some may give three, etc.
If you decide to break a more serious rule (such as spam) the consequences will be harsher. No warning is given, and you are thrown right to the kicks.

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