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The Carnival of Self Doubt is a Carnival Made out of the Fears of a Monster in the shape of carnival attractions when it enters it. Most of them Are Completely Harmless. It Is Run by Carna Ville.



The Carnival of Self doubt has been seen at many locations, it manifests near a person that has recieved a ticket to it. It Never manifests in the Ruins.


The Tickets to The Carnival are Rare to find, usually found in Snowdin or New Home. There are 4 types of tickets which depend on the monster that recieved them.  

Bronze Ticket - The Monster is Barrely insecure enough to be able to Recieve a ticket, meaning that the carnival will be small

Silver Ticket - The Monster Is mediocrely insecure, and the Carnival will Be of normal size once entered

Gold Ticket - The Monster is highly insecure, the Carnival will be Humongus and its Attractions turn less Harmless.

Platinum Ticket - The Monster is Extremely insecure, the carnival will be almost intraversable,the attractions highly hostile, and The holder gets Access to the Un-Funhouse


If there Are multipile monsters in the carnival at once, depending on the monster its size will combine with the others


The Carnival is Seperated in 5 Sections, Scamland , Terror City , Tomorrow World , Yesterday Town and The Un-funhouse


Scamland is the Area In The South West of the Park, Its Composed of the Fears related to money.

Terror City

Terror City is North of Scamland, Its Composed of the Daily terrors monsters have to Traverse

Tomorrow World

Tomorrow World is is Composed of the Things that can go wrong, it even has a musical number about it, Acted out by Impersonators of Alphys, Asgore, And By a Completely new actor playing another royal scientist, and their whacky misadventures which all ultimately lead to the destruction of Monsterkind. You can buy merchandise At

Yesterday Town

Yesterday Town Is made out of The Regrets of the past and other uncomfortable memories, although not directly showing them , its attractions hint at emberassing memories the monsters have.

The Un-Funhouse


Characters and Their Tickets

This Section exists to state which character has recived which ticket if any at all and if they plan to go / been there / dont want to go. Feel free to add your ocs without asking. 

No Ticket

Bronze Ticket

Silver Ticket

Gold Ticket

Platinum Ticket


Alphys has Recieved Platinum tickets on multipile occasions


Bleach - for undoing my mistakes

And Archemedes (Dove of Swag)