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Aragon is a beast that guards the door of the Palace of the Elders, wearing an armor of the Dark Moon Legion, they looks like an ordinary warrior, maybe a little larger than normal, but beneath their armor, a beast-shaped ram rests between steel. Despite their gentle nature and patience, their fighting style can pulverize any clumsy opponent.

Aragon is a gentle creature with a rather ambiguous but deep voice tone, their burly physiognomy gives them a hostile aura, but if no one attacks, they will not attack unless it's necessary.


They borned in a tupid forest called Akland, in the tiny and secret village of the Nargash, nearby a mountain, the comunnity was rather pretty safe, since their people builded up cities inside the mountain's caverns, Aragon had 6 siblings, 2 adopted, and the others pure Nargash blood. Aragon was in the middle, having an older brother and sister, and their other siblings were younger than them.

Aragon was clearly a bit different, since their body was different than other Nargash, more bulky and bigger than the avarage, but wasn't a social issue, the real problem was when the conflict started to affect their people, human hunters from another realm attempted to hunt them for their powers, believing that maybe if they drank their blood it would give humans super powers or super strength, the King of the human real, called Isvarn, didn't want these magical creatures to be involved in the war with their enemy, so he decided to hunt them down, using whatever excuse.


Aragon is a 9,4 ft tall anthropomorphic ram creature, with 4 large horns that twist like any normal ram, their fur is dark grey with black stripes around their body, forming an strange pattern, probably related to their "religious" origins.

They wear a big black armor, forged with an strange type of iron, with a Matt Black finish. Their helmet has extra iron horns on each side, and several spikes around, same with the rest of the armor, plus only their eyes are exposed, which are very shiny.


✠ They posses an incredibly strength, but their movements are a bit slow, since they are trained to be a living tank, and not a assasin, however, doesn't mean their movements are less dangerous.

✠ Telepathy: They can communicate using only his mind, since they are mute most of the time, however, they can't read or control minds.


  • Aragon has a german accent when they speak, possibly they come from somewhere around Germany
  • The Dark Moon Legion's domain is settle somewhere in Scotland
  • Nargash are quite strange to see in these days, they say this species is at the edge of extinction.